ThaloTravel is a global service that assists you in the event of medical emergencies and/or unexpected events during your trip

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Frequently Answer Question (FAQ)


1Can I buy my travel assistance plan even after I have started my trip abroad?

Although it does not qualify as an immediate sale, it is possible to request the contracting of an assistance plan even after having started the trip. For this, it is necessary for the client to complete the "Issuance at destination" form so that the company can analyze and approve said request.

It is important to note that any issue for a passenger at the destination is subject to waiting periods, so it is always recommended that the passenger purchase their assistance plan prior to the start of their trip.

2Can a minor purchase a travel assistance plan as an individual holder without their parents or representatives?

Yes. Minors can be named in a travel assistance plan without having to declare their parents and/or representatives.

3Can I purchase a travel assistance plan even if I have or suffer from a pre-existing condition?

Yes. Even though travel assistance plans are designed to deal with emergencies, our plans have basic coverage to stabilize a patient who suffered an event resulting from a pre-existing condition. Likewise, we also have an optional Upgrade that increases the coverage limit for pre-existing medical conditions for passengers up to 74 years of age.

NOTE: Our plans do not cover treatments. The medical assistance services to be provided by THALO ASSIST LLC are expressly and solely limited to emergency treatment of acute symptoms and are only oriented to primary assistance in traveling to sudden and unforeseeable events where a clear illness or medical condition has been diagnosed, verifiable and acute that prevents the normal continuation of a trip, as long as said disease or medical condition is not on the list of exclusions. These plans are designed to guarantee the primary, normal and initial recovery of the Beneficiary and the physical conditions that allow a normal continuation of his trip.

They are not designed or contracted for or provided for:

  • Elective medical procedures.
  • Carry out routine medical check-ups, or check-ups that have not been previously authorized by the Assistance Services Center.
  • Advance benign or long-term treatments or procedures


1When is it necessary to purchase a travel assistance plan?

Every time you go to travel abroad, since it is assumed that if you are insured with a health insurance policy, it covers you only in the national territory, leaving assistance abroad conditioned.

Many countries are demanding it for migratory entry either for tourism or business. Areas such as Schengen (26 European countries) require a travel voucher with a minimum of €30,000 coverage as an essential requirement for entry. In the same way, many countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, for which reason, each time a trip is planned, the acquisition of a travel voucher that covers emergencies that may arise between the dates of departure and return must be included.

2How far in advance should I purchase my travel assistance plan?

Ideally, you should buy your assistance voucher at the same time you buy your air tickets or travel package. However, you can buy your assistance voucher up to 6 months in advance of the trip you want to undertake.

3Is it necessary to submit any document to acquire my travel assistance plan?

The answer is No. Our underwriting process does not require any documents to be deposited. However, each client must have any personal or travel documentation with them because these may be requested at the time of a claim in order to verify identity, validity of the plan and coverage.

4Should I purchase multiple plans in case my trip includes multiple destinations?

No. All our plans have worldwide and multi-destination coverage. In other words, no matter what country you are in or if you visit different countries during your trip, we cover you from the moment you leave your country of residence.

Additionally, in case you travel constantly, it is convenient that you purchase our multi-trip plan which allows you unlimited trips for a period of one year to any destination with maximum trips of 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.

5Payment Methods

You can pay for your policy online with a credit or debit card or through Paypal. We also have transfer payments and payments via Zelle.

6What should I do if, after my assistance, I receive a collection invoice?

Do not be alarmed. Some medical centers sometimes send post-event invoices to patients. If you receive an invoice please send us an email attaching the invoices received to and we will clarify the situation.

7If I cannot communicate and I have an emergency, can I go to any medical center?

Yes, you can attend a medical center and try to contact us as soon as possible to provide you with the service you require.

8In which countries can I use my travel assistance plan?

In all countries without restriction. Regardless of the plan you purchase, our plans have worldwide coverage so you will have coverage anywhere in the world once you leave your country of origin/residence.

Using my Assistance Plan

1What should I do in an emergency and how do I activate my plan coverage?

It is an essential requirement that you contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp to report your emergency so that we can activate your plan and provide you with all the necessary protection. In the event that the event is not reported within 24 hours of its occurrence, you will not be able to access any benefits of your plan. Click on this link to see our contact numbers.

2Can I extend the validity of my travel assistance plan?

Yes. In the event that you wish to extend your trip for any reason, you must notify via email 48 business hours in advance of the expiration date of your voucher and we will evaluate and issue your extension in case be approved.

The passenger may request as many extensions as required as long as the total stay of the initial voucher and subsequent extensions do not exceed 24 months.

3What should I do in case I cannot travel?

Contact us through any of the channels we have available (phone, email, WhatsApp) indicating the reason why you cannot travel and we will gladly assist you.

4What is the maximum time to notify a claim?

It is the Beneficiary's obligation to always call and report the emergency. In cases where the Beneficiary cannot do it personally, any companion, friend or family member should and may do so, but the call or notice must always be made no later than 24 hours after the emergency occurred. For cases in which the beneficiary is at sea, and therefore prevented from communicating with the Assistance Center, he must report the medical fact up to 24 hours after disembarking at the first port he arrives at. Failure to comply with this rule entails the automatic loss of any right to claim by the Beneficiary.

5I need to process a refund, how do I do it?

Send us the invoices for the expenses you have incurred via WhatsApp or by email. We will process your refund and contact you to refund your money to the bank account you designate.


1Does it cover COVID-19?

It is an essential requirement that you contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp to

2How to choose my ideal coverage?

3I travel by land, does ThaloTravel cover me even if I don't travel abroad by plane?

4I'm going on a cruise, does ThaloTravel cover me on board?

5Does my plan have deductibles or copays?

No. All our plans offer 100% coverage without copayments or deductibles up to the contracted sum insured limit.