ThaloExpat is a comprehensive medical insurance policy with unlimited coverage underwritten by SegurCaixa Adeslas, Spain’s #1 Health Insurance Company.

What you need to know

  1. Its mandatory that every person that remains in Spain for more than 90 consecutive days, to show proof of insurance from an authorized insurance carrier. (Authorized carriers can be Spanish companies or foreign companies with authorization from the country to operate)

  2. Our policy is meets all the criteria for any type of Visa (including student visas) and immigration procedures.

Who do we cover?

International Students

de cualquier nivel académico
y sus familiares dependientes.

Todas las personas que vayan a cursar estudios en España y sus dependientes hasta 40 años, son elegibles.

Why choose Thalo?

Our policy has special conditions that makes it superior to other domestic options.

No underwriting
de riesgo

No waiting

No copayments
nor deductibles


Frequently Answer Question (FAQ)


1Who is eligible to purchase?

Toda persona extranjera en calidad migratoria y estudiante (incluyendo sus dependientes) que estén residiendo o vayan a residir en España entre las edades de 0 a 40 años.

2I have an international health policy with coverage in Spain, why do I need this Adeslas policy?

In Spain, it is a mandatory requirement to have a "Complete Medical Insurance" subscribed by an entity authorized to operate within the country to carry out any immigration process. For this reason, even if your international policy offers you coverage, it does not comply with the provisions of Spanish law for foreigners.

3I am Spanish, am I eligible to buy?

In the case of people with dual nationality (Spanish and another country), they can buy without any limitation.

4Can a minor buy this policy as the owner without their parents or representatives?

Yes. Minors can be named in an individual policy without having to declare their parents and/or representatives.

5What is the age range to opt for this policy?

Personas entre 0 y 40 años de edad.


1Payment Methods

You can pay for your policy online with a credit or debit card or through Paypal. We also have transfer payments in both USD and EUR and payments via Zelle.

2Can I divide or finance the payment of the premium?

No. The premium for the term of the policy must be paid in full at the time the policy is issued. You can choose between a semester or annual validity.

3I am already residing in Spain, can I still buy this policy?

Yes. You can buy this policy even when you already reside in Spain as long as you are within the eligibility age range.

Immigration requirements

1How do I know if my plan meets the requirements for immigration procedures or renewal of the NIE?

According to Royal Decree 557/2011, of April 20 (which approves the regulations on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and regulates the requirements to obtain a student visa), any foreign person who stays for more than 90 days within the territory Spanish, you must acquire a Complete Medical Insurance, subscribed by a public or private insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain, with a validity equal to or greater than the stay in Spain. Our policy meets these requirements. In addition, you have the guarantee that your money will be fully refunded in the event that our policy is not accepted.

2My policy was rejected at the consulate, what should I do?

Send us an email at with the rejection letter you received from the consulate. Make sure that document details the reason why your policy was denied. We will do our best to assist you and/or refund your money.

3How do I access the hospital network?

You can view the network of specialists and medical centers here

4Can I go to a doctor or health center outside the Adeslas network?

No. Our policy guarantees unlimited coverage within the specialists and subsidized centers of the SegurCaixa Adeslas network. Any claim that is generated from a medical center that does not belong to the network, will not be subject to coverage.

Using my policy

1When do I receive my policy?

You will receive an email with your provisional insurance certificate within 24 hours of purchasing your policy. Likewise, you will receive a physical welcome pack at your address in Spain within 15 business days of purchase. If you do not receive the email, contact us at

2How do I access the insured portal?

Once you receive your physical policy, you must register at this link [link].


1Does it cover COVID-19?

For any information related to COVID-19 click on this link _______________.

2What does the term “Complete Medical Insurance” mean?

A Complete Medical Insurance is one that meets the following:

  • It must cover healthcare, including:
    • General medicine.
    • Specialties.
    • Hospitalization and surgeries.
    • Emergencies.
    • Analytics and diagnostic means.
    • Repatriation to the country of origin (RPO).
  • Deficiencies and pre-existing conditions: They are not accepted if they undermine the purpose of full coverage.
  • Duration: Validity equal to or greater than the period of stay in Spain.
  • Subscription: Company authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Travel insurance or travel assistance plans and personal accident policies are not valid.